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How to be a Rockstar

Whether you are an ambitious rock star or not, this list will help you accomplish success in your field. It will also reveal you how some timeless concepts are still crucial in your new-fangled social networking environments.
As a younger man sans cell-phone and computer system oblivious throughout the “upside-down 60s” (AKA the 90s) I had the odd experience of being the diva in the greatest indie band in my house city.
Admittedly, it wasn’t a huge city Adelaide, population 1.1 million but dominating that molehill was an extreme trip, however. (After that it all went pear-shaped, however, that’s another story.).

Action 1: Do Not Simply Dream

When I was a pre-teen bibliophile, I wished to be an author, but at 12 years of ages I heard the screech of a heavy-metal lead guitar solo and my focus shifted quickly to becoming a fully-fledged, card-carrying “Rock Star“. It was obviously method sexier. (Pfft! Writer. What the hell was I believing?).
From that minute on, while my musical tastes matured, my picked career course stayed fixed. It was Rock Star or bust. The school was ineffective to me, so I just gazed out the window and consumed about ending up being a Rock Star. The church was ineffective to me, so I chose not to go anymore and lay in bed listening to this month’s flavour and obsessing about becoming a Rock Star.

I remember standing at the bus stop after school and envisioning, in minute detail, the method it would look, sound, smell, feel, and taste. Never mind that I was a spotty teenage dork, I could manage that for now, safe in the understanding that I was going to be a Rock Star.
My mom intruded one day and told me to turn my “dreadful noise” down and do my research. I patiently described that I didn’t need good grades since I was going to be a Rock Star. She flipped out at me.

Action 2: If You Do Things, Things Get Done.

how to be a rockstar
Finally free of school and now equipped with a simple understanding of the best ways to play my shiny new guitar, purchased with part-time grocery store task savings, I got directly down to the work of forming a band.
I would hold up a notice around the school, in record stores, musical instrument shops (no internet then keep in mind) and congregate some motley-crew of half-arsed slackers into a “group”. Some were freaks that had actually called me in reply to my “artists desired” advertisements, some were individuals I half-knew who had actually learned recorder at school and were too weak-willed to decline my hardcore harassments. I would get them all to meet me at a recording studio I had actually reserved (no home-recording software then keep in mind).
I had a bunch of songs written, so I would just belt them out and get everybody to participate in. The outcomes varied from total crap to a little tasty crap, however, I would force it through and leave with a brand-new demo. Then the “band” would promptly break up.

Undeterred, I would use the brand-new tape to go get a gig somewhere anywhere under the pretence of a working band. Then I would use the approaching gig as a tactic to get a brand-new unite. We ‘d do the gig, the band would separate, and after a day of annoyed sulking, I would go book a new recording session and repeat the process.
I did this non-stop for one year. I was 18 and entirely naive (we matured slower at that time, due in no little part to the absence of the web) however I was identified and bulletproof.

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